Thread Health & Primary Care

Jul 17, 2023

What is a Primary Care Doctor?

For most of you, your primary care doctor is a pediatrician or family physician. This is the doctor who sees you for your yearly check-ups and clears you for school and sports. When you have a concerning symptom– a sprained finger, a lingering cough, or a weird rash, your parents’ go-to person is often your primary care doctor.

Here are Some Reasons to Message Us

  • Colds

  • Acne

  • Periods

  • Sports

  • Sexual Health

  • Birth Control

  • Sleep

  • Any Health Questions

Reasons to Message and Confidentiality

As you get older, you may have health issues that you want to discuss confidentiality with your primary care doctor. Maybe you’ve been feeling a lot of anxiety since school went back to in-person learning. Maybe you’re considering sexual activity and want to know about contraception. Maybe you’ve started vaping marijuana because it helps you get to sleep at night. For all of these issues, or any health question you don’t want to discuss with your parents, you can have a confidential conversation with your doctor. By law, your doctor cannot disclose things you tell her confidentially, unless she feels you or someone else is in danger.

How Thread Supports your in-person Doctor

Some primary care doctors feel very comfortable helping teens with adolescent issues such as mental health or reproductive health. Others, however, may prefer to involve adolescent health doctors. That’s where Thread Health comes in.

Thread Health complements the care of your primary doctor by offering teen health. Thread Health is staffed by adolescent medicine doctors with expertise in adolescent mental health; reproductive health issues such as birth control and menstrual disorders; eating disorders; gender identity and LGBTQ health. We also have expertise in more general pediatric health issues like routine illnesses, injury prevention, and Covid-19.

Reach out to Thread Anytime

We offer care virtually so anyone can reach a doctor. While we will never replace your medical home, you can always reach out to Thread Health as your “doctor on call.”

-Dr. Nancy Dodson, Thread Health MD